Frequently Asked Questions

?Why would I travel IRAN

Travelling to Iran will most appeal to guests who have an interest in Persian history, Iranian architecture and/or archaeology, or who have previously travelled to the Middle East and are looking for a more in-depth experience. Iran is a very welcoming destination filled with hospitable people. There are many opportunities for spontaneous interaction with locals

?Is Iran safe

Forget about what you have heard about Iran on media. Spend some time and seek the opinion of people who have actually visited Iran

During the past few years, the global news about Iran was strongly affected by the political challenges between Iran and West, causing a dark and negative attitude towards our country. Instead of historic background, rich culture, climate diversity, hospitable and kind people, and unique architectural monuments, all you hear about Iran In media is war, terrorism, nuclear power and sanctions

Many tourists who are interested in visiting Iran have some concerns regarding security. Based on the picture of Iran that media have depicted in your minds, you should be worried. However, we guarantee that this image is not real and our Iran is one of the safest countries in the world

Iran is totally free from the crisis that has hit the Middle East and North Africa from Turkey to Egypt. In Iran you will see No war, No killing, No bombs, No kidnapping and No riots

Iranians are very hospitable towards foreign nationalities, especially now that both people and the government believe that developing tourism industry will not only help the improvement of the economy of the county, but will also change the global attitude towards Iran

We are sure that after visiting our country, you will all agree with us

Iran will be full of surprises for you

?Am I allowed to explore my surroundings before or after the day’s itinerary

The American, British and Canadian passport holders still must travel to Iran within a guided tour through an eligible travel agency. So they cannot  apply for a visa invitation letter through us without booking a trip

?Do I need a visa to Iran

read visa information

?What currency does Iran use? Are U.S. dollars accepted in Iran? Where can I exchange money

The currency in Iran is the Rial. Guests can exchange money at the airport bank, city banks or exchange bureaus. Your guide will assist you with this

You should change enough money to cover expenses that are not included in the tour cost, as well as enough for personal expenses. You may use Dollars and Euros when it comes to the purchase of handicrafts and carpets, as well as for tipping drivers and guides

?Will I be able to use my credit card or debit card in Iran

Please be aware that credit cards issued by U.S. banks are generally not accepted in Iran for any purpose. Some of the more prestigious carpet shops might accept Visa and MasterCard for substantial purchases

Will my cell phone, smartphone or PDA device work in Iran

Contact your cellular telephone provider to determine if your phone operates on the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) and what, if any, activation may be required

?Is there Internet access in Iran

The hotels in A&K’s program have Internet access; however, it may not be reliable or up to the standards you are accustomed to at home. Please be aware some websites are not accessible in Iran. Currently blocked sites include, but are not limited to, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and news sites, such as CNN

?Will I be able to take photographs and videos while in country

Unless you are shooting a crowded public scene, it is considered courteous to ask permission before taking pictures of local people, especially women and children. Please be respectful of residents who do not care to be photographed

Photography is not permitted at some locations, which may include government buildings, museums, art galleries, private houses and more. These areas are usually clearly marked. If in doubt, please ask; doing so will avoid having your camera confiscated or having potentially severe criminal charges brought against you. Flash photography is prohibited in some situations

?Can I bring medication? What procedure do I need to follow

You may bring prescription and over-the-counter medications to Iran, but we recommend you carry these in their original bottles and/or packaging

?Can I drink alcohol

The import, possession or consumption of alcohol is strictly forbidden in Iran

? What about the weather

Unlike what many people think, Iran does not only consist of deserts and Sahara. One third of the country is mountainous. “Damavand”, the highest peak in the Middle East and also the second highest volcano in the world with 5671 meter height is located in our country.       There are hundreds of +4000 and +3000 meter high peaks in Iran. Hundreds of roaring rivers drench the land. Several mountain lakes and water and lime caves have created magnificent sceneries in Iran. Hundreds of permanent water falls have created breath taking views all around Iran

About 1000 Kilometers in the northern parts of Iran, between “Alborz” mountain range and Caspian Sea and a vast area of “Zagros” mountain range are fully covered with thick and virgin forests. “Golestan” National Park is a biosphere reserve and is registered as the natural heritage in Iran. Besides “Golestan”, Iran has many other national parks and preserved areas, which are the habitats of variety of flora and fauna.  The number of these species almost equals whole Europe. Considering the variety of birds, Iran has the potential to be one of the most important locations for bird-watching

Iran has a variety of climates. In a given time in summer or winter you can experience a 40° centigrade temperature difference in our country. In winter you can go skiing in “Alborz” or “Zagros” mountain ranges and in the same day you can fly to south of Iran and enjoy swimming in the Persian Gulf. In summer you can go to one of the hottest spots on the earth near “Kerman” and experience a temperature of 50° centigrade and after a 2-hour drive you will reach the mountain foot where you have to put on some warm cloths

If you have an image of Iran which is only covered with desert sands, you need to replace it with the one that shows that real and unique beauties of its nature immediately









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