Shazdeh Garden

Shazdeh Garden-meaning Prince's Garden- is a historical persian garden situated on the country side of Mahan in Kerman province,Iran.The Garden was originally founded for Mohammad Hassan Khan Qajar Sardari Iravani in 1850.It was developed in 1870 by Abdolhamid Mirza Naseroddoleh which lasted for 11 years of his governship during the Qajar reign.Its location was chosen strategically as it was placed on the route between Bam Citadel and Kerman.Spread over 5.5 hectars,Shazdeh Garden is approximately 407 meters long 122 meters wide in a rectangular shape with a wall around it and surrounded by desert land.It has an enterance and a gate at the lower end and a two-floor residential structure at the upper end.The distance between these two is lined by water fountains.Other than the main residential construction,the garden composed of a two-storied construction for which the second floor was used as living quarters and for admiting visitors.The garden's premises were completely reconstructed due to the commemoration ceremony of Khajoo Kermani,a renowned poet,in of the garden were damaged by the 2004 earthquake in Kerman.

Ganjalikhan Complex

Ganjalikhan complex is a Safavid-era building complex,situated in the old centre of city of Kerman,Iran.The complex is consisted of, a square,a school,a caravansarai,a bathhouse,a mint,a mosque and Bazaar.The Ganjalikhan Complex was constructed by governor of Kerman sistan and Kandahar provinces from 1596 to 1621 under Safavid shah Abbas I.A number of inscriptions laid inside the complex depict the exact date when these places have been constructed.The Complex covers an area of 11000 square meters and is cantered on a large public square-ninety-nine meters by fifty-four meter which is aligned with Vakil Bazaar running east-west to its south.The square is surrounded by bazaar arcades to the north,south and west and is flanked by the Ganjali caravansarai to the east.the enterance to the Ganjali bathhouse is situated along a section of Vakil Bazaar south of the square,known as Ganjali Khan Bazaar.

Rageh Canyon

The Rageh Canyon is one of the most gracful and worth-visiting natural phenomena of Rafsanjancounty.This valley is created by Guivdary River,its floods and soil erosion of it during lots of centuries.Rageh Valley is about 20 km in length which composed of fantastic figures in addition it can be visited narrow and wide passages alongside the river and Valley walls, moreover to small and huge holes and cuts which some of them are natural and some are manmade long ago.It has some merits related to other valleys such as ease of access,fine weather,sand-bed access road,security of district,possibility for astronomy tours and proximity to basic sources.

Fathabad Garden

Fathabad Garden is situated North West of Kerman,according to historians,this pattern has been used to constructing Shazdeh Garden in Mahan.The history of building of the Garden is around the year 1255(Hijri-Shamsi),in Qajar period.Fathabad aqueduct passed through Fathabad Garden in the past,and it was so refreshing and lovely.The Garden is now in the final step of restoration process,the garden will become a Tourism Destination and all tourist are welcomed to visit this garden.There are some actions taken in the garden like,restore water to the Fathabad Garden,The replant of various trees of the garden,implement greenhouse and plants cultivation,construction of a traditional restaurant and ... 

Arg-e Rayen

Rayen castle,or Arg-e Rayen is an adobe castle in Rayen town in kerman,you can see the medieval mud brick city of Rayen is like Arg-e Bam.Rayen displays all the architectural elements of a deserted citadel.It appears extremely well protected,considering the several natural calamities that have been annihilating resemblingstructures nearby,and it is one of the most fascinating historical sites in Iran.Rayen Citadel a historical site located in the south-west of Rayen city and is considered the largest earthen structure of Kerman province after Bam Citadel which was ruined in an earthquake on 2003.The monument dates back to Sassanied era and 

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