Nakhl bardari

Nakhl Bardari

This is Nakhl,a huge wooden structure.This huge structure is in the shape of a massive leaf.This is a symbol of Imam Hussain's sacred coffin.Imam Hussain is one of the grandson's of Prophet Mohammad.

This unique ritual mourning belongs to Yazd.Before Ashura people start covering the Nkhal with different things.The huge body is furnished with black fabric and sword's and mirror's and colorful silk fabric.

The whole knowledge has been handed down from generation to generation.

There is a bell sounding within the structure to inform the people who take part in lifting the Nakhl,to lift and land the Nakhl.

The moment the bell is sounded,the mass of people lifte the Nakhl,saing Hussain;at the same time a local man sitting on top of the Nakhl leading the crowed. 

 There are two other people  sitting on top of the Nakhl ,one reads the verses of the holy Qoran or calls for prayer and the other one sounds a traditional musical instrument.

People prefer to take part in lifting the Nakhl with barefooted and the number of people depend on the size of Nakhl.The biggest Nakhl stand in Amir chakhmagh square.

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