Persepolis the Greek name(from parses, polis for persian City) for the ancient city of Parsa,or Takhte-Jamshid in persian ,was the majestic ceremonial capital of the ancient Achaemenid Empire,over 2500 years ago.This city was founded by Darius I(also named Darius the Great).The Great City of Persepolis was constructed in terraces up from the River Pulwar to rise on a larger terrace of over 125,000 square feet.The Great palace built by Xerxes I was composed of a grand hall that was eighty-two feet in length with four large columns, the enterance of the Western Wall.Persepolis was deplorably plunderd,sacked and demolished by a conflagration following its capture by Alexander the Great.Even though it is ruined,the site depicts the pinnacle of ancient Iran's political and architectural achievements.The UNASCO World heritage site is situated about 70 kilometers northeast of Shiraz,and tours will take you from the city center on the day journey.The sensational ruins is worth-seeing so usually takes you few hours to discover.


pasargadae was dynastic capital of Achaemenid Empire,founded by Cyrus II the Great, in Pars, homeland of Persians in the 6th century BC.Its palaces,gardens and the Mausoleum of Cyrus are prominent samples of Magnificent Achaemid art and architecture and none-to-second testimonies of persian civilization.Pasargadae was the capital of the first great multicultural empire in Western Asia.Spanning the Eastern Mediterranean and Egypt to the Hindus River,it is mentioned to be the first Empire that treasured the cultural variety of its diverse peoples.50 kilometers north of its more renowned successor,it's not the most convenient destinations,but the noticeable sincerity of Cyrus the Great ancient tomb,now surrounded by inhospitably harsh terrain,justifies the effort.

Karimkhani Citadel

This construction,the largest and the most prominent building o Zand dynasty,has been the residence of Karimkhan and where ha ruled from.With for circular towers,one of which in the southern corner has a specific slope.Reconstruction is being continued till now however, Decoration of the Citadel has been annihilated unfortunately.The area of whole place is 12800 square meters and each tower is 14-high meters.Above the enterance is a huge prportrait of the killing of White Devil by Rustam.Painted during Ghajar dynasty which was added later to the Arg.Inside the Arg,there are various constructions,the north building was utilized while the south one was appropriate for suumer use and west buiding was usable in all seasons.The facade of the castle looks premitive in contrast,inside the roomshave dazzling decorations and design which seems magnificent and it's the specification of that period.The citadel also consists of fountains and beautiful gardens and fragrant flowers which are now being revamped and restored. 

Vakil Bazar

 Shiraz's ancient market place and trading district is composed of several Bazars includimg hundreds of shops and stalls dating from various periods.The most prominet one is Vakil Bazaar which is cruciform structured and  commissioned by Karim khan as part of his plan to make Shiraz into a great trading center.Satisfyingly labyrinthine,the Bazaar is the place for purchasing carpet rugs,spices,jewllery,and household goods.The wide vaulted brick avenues are Masterpieces of Zand architecture with the design ensuring the interior remains cool in summer and warm in winter.Stumbling across teahouses,courtyards,caravanserais, and the traditional bathhouse,it may takes you more than one afternoon to explore entirety of the Vakil bazaar.The arched ceilings are a fine reminder of 18th century Zand architecture,and make for a pleasently cool atmosphere through which to wander.

Mausoleum of Hafez 

Hafez was reciting Quran from Memory as he become known,apart from memorising the Quran at an early age,Hafez also became interested in literature and wrote plenty of verses still used in every day speech.Hafez's collections of poems,known as Divan-e Hafez and has a strong mystical quality and is often virtually untranslatable;however, much of the book is also about nightingales,courtship and wine.Hafez is disputably the most loved and respected poet in the enormous canon of Persian literature.Considered the master of the Ghazal(a short,amorous,rhyming poem),Iranians from all walks of life can quote his verses on demand.His Mausoleum rest in a well-kept garden in northeast Shiraz;more than a tourist attraction,it functions as a site of pilgrimage for his proponents all over the world.Have your fortune told,visit the onsite teahouse, and consider the playful nuances of his lyrical ingenuity as you meander around the comprehensive grounds.

Tomb of Sa'di

The 13th century poet Sa'di was an important precursor to Hafez,and is one of the most treasured ancestores of modern day shirazis.He is renowned for the quality of his writings and for the depth of his social and moral thoughts.Saadi is widely recognised as one of the most outstanding and greatest poets of the classical literary tradition of Iran.Sa'di's most prominent works,the Golestan(Rose Garden) and Bustan(Garden of trees) have been translated into many other languages.Bustan is completely in verse and epic metre and composed of stories while Golestan is mainly in porse and contains stories and personal anecdotes.Many of his pithy maxims have attained a proverbial status,and he is widely admired for the enduring simplicity of his verse.His tomb is situated nearby Hafez's Mausoleum and worth visiting on the same day.The gfascinating underground teahouse offers a cool spot to refresh yourself after discovering the garden of Roses and Cypress trees.

Eram Garden

Eram Garden(Bagh-e Eram),situated along the northern shore of the Koshk River in Shiraz,is one of the most well-known and gorgeous Persian gardens in all of Iran.It should be mentioned that the word 'Eram' is the Persian version of the Arabic word 'Iram' which means heaven in Islam's most holiest of books,the Qur'an.Shiraz is famed for its cultivation of fine gardens,and Eram is disputable the model par excellence.Eram falls whitin Shiraz University's botonical gardens,and is replete with Cypress trees,trimmed hedges,and rosebushes.At its centre is a little pool and a marvelous Qajar-era palace,though it is closed to the public.The garden is situated just north of the Khoshk River,opposite the university.


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