Sa'd Abad Museum Complex

Sprawling across the foothills of Darband, this estate was a summer home to royals since the Qajar dynasty , although it was the Pahavis who expanded it to the site you see today.Covering 110 hectars and consisting of 18 separate biuldings, it will take you a splendid three hours to see everything.For catching a glimpse into the luxurious life of Shahs,don't miss the extravagant 54-room White Palace,constructed in the 1930s.The more classical-looking Green Palace dates from the end of Qajar era Other highlights include the electic nations Art Museum,found in the basement of the White Palace, and the well-curated Fine Art Museum.And for those whose tastes run to specific matters,there are exhibitions covering royal vehicles,military paraphrnalia,royal costumes and even royal tableware.The museum-complex grounds are also a marvelous place for strolling.

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